Farm Chia Today

What is Chia?

Chia is a new cryptocurrency that works on hard-drives. 

Instead of mining, Chia uses plots.

Plotting is how hard drives are added to the network. Plotting requires high end equipment and can take a long time. Once plots are created, they are farmed.  Farmers process information on their hard-drives and get rewarded in Chia's Token (XCH). The more space farmed on, the higher chance of receiving a Token.

What is StellaChia?

We plot, so you don't have to.

Instead of buying expensive equipment, you can simply buy a plot created with your Chia Public Key.

Once your space is plotted, it can be hosted on your hard-drives, or on ours.

We will help you setup a Chia node so you can check the progress and receive Chia Coin.

Get Started with 2TB for just $40

Check out this tool to calculate how much you could make based on the speculative price of Chia.