At Glimpse we believe in the power of perspective. 

Videos from head worn cameras are the simplest way to understand what is happening.

Our mission is to bring the power of perspective to every site.

Building Construction
Construction Worker
Technicians at Work

Built by workers.

We've developed GlimpseCam and our software side by side with managers and laborers. We continue to build for the need of our sites and will not stop until we have succeeded in sharing your perspectives anywhere, anytime.

Electrical engineer working on circuit b
3D Printing

Obsessed with the cutting edge.​

We are a team of engineers and designers who are dedicated to solving human problems with the best technology available. We work tirelessly to ensure that what we build is of the same quality that our customers expect on their site.


It takes an army.

We started in a UW-Seattle engineering lab with just an idea.

Now we are ready to take it to the next level. Let's talk if you are an engineer, business leader, designer, or member of the construction industry looking to help support our team